Ever since their inception, Subaru vehicles have turned heads on the road and gained loyal customers.

In July 1950, Fuji Jidosha first began to develop a small concept car - one that would go on to become the very first Subaru. His company, Fuji Sangyo, was divided up into different companies. One division, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., would go on to produce Subaru vehicles.

The very first Subaru premiered in 1954, originally named the P-1, and then eventually changing the name to "Subaru 1500".

While the '60's were alive with VW mini-buses, 1961 also saw the premiere of the Subaru Sambar, a truck/van combo that was based off the Subaru 360. This unique and fun ride captured the spirit of the decade, and continued revealing new generations throughout the years.

In 1989, the Subaru Research and Testing Centre was born. This facility allows advanced technologies to be developed and new vehicle concepts to be tested.

A big year for Subaru was 1992, when the very first generation of the Impreza was released. The Impreza rose in popularity quickly thanks to its incredible performance on the road and its unique wagon look.

Subaru is all about defying expectations, too. In 1993, the now-famous Legacy set the world speed record for stations wagons - a staggering 155 miles per hour.  They hit another big milestone in 1994, when Subaru participated in all WRC races for the first time, earning the honor of second place.

Subaru went through many changes over the years, from rebranding the Forester to debuting the epic and unique Subaru Baja.

Since the beginning, Subaru has been proving themselves to be a superior brand. That can be seen over the years in many awards, like the Legacy's "Car of the Year" award in 2003 and the Impreza's 2017 awards for interior design.

Did all of this history and heritage drum up your Subaru pride? At Subaru of Naples, we're always here to help you find the perfect Subaru for you. 

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