End of Lease Options for Subaru Drivers in Naples, FL

When you shop at Subaru of Naples, you can find plenty of exciting new Subaru models. Once you find the one you want to drive in Punta Gorda, you might want to lease it. Leasing is a popular payment option with our customers because it provides more flexibility than financing. So what happens at the end of the lease? Here is what you need to know about your end-of-lease options.

Lease-End options Subaru of Naples


When you lease a vehicle, you make monthly payments to our dealership to be able to drive it all over Cape Coral. A typical lease lasts 36 months, but both longer and shorter leases are available for some models. When your lease ends, you have three options. First, you can return your vehicle to our dealership. Second, you can trade in your leased vehicle for a new model to lease. Third, you can buy your leased vehicle.


The Advantages of Leasing a New Subaru Vehicle


Leasing a vehicle has a few advantages over financing that our customers in Estero appreciate. Leasing lets you drive a brand-new Subaru vehicle without having to take out a loan. Leasing also gives you the option to eventually buy your vehicle without making a commitment to do so right away. Leasing and trading in your vehicle every few years can ensure that you will always drive a fresh vehicle with the latest features.

Take a New Subaru Vehicle for a Test Drive Today

Are you ready to discover which new Subaru vehicle you want to lease in Bonita Springs? Then visit Subaru of Naples and take one from our inventory for a test drive. After your test drive, visit our Finance Center to learn more about your lease-end options. To schedule your test drive, contact our dealership today.