One of the most important aspects of owning (or even leasing) a vehicle is to keep it in good shape through regular Servicemaintenance. This will increase the lifespan of your Subaru while decreasing the likelihood of vehicle failure while driving.

Not sure where to start? Here's a quick guide that covers most of the various aspects of vehicle maintenance to keep in mind, as well as when to perform each task:

·        Dashboard Indicator Lights: These lights exist to alert you of issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

·         Tire Inflation: About once a month, be sure to check your tire pressure, and you may want to check even more often in colder climates.

·         OilLevel: The quality and level of your engine oil is what keeps your engine running smoothly; consider checking it monthly.

·         Windshield Wiper Fluid: While you're checking your oil, make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid to get you through the month.

·         Lights: Every couple of months, consider parking your car, getting out, and ensuring that all of the lights are shining brightly.

·         Battery: Every few months to a half a year, you should dust off and inspect your battery.

·         Brakes: If your brakes ever seem to be functioning improperly, get them checked out immediately. Otherwise, inspect them ever half year or so.

·         Windshield wiper blades: Similarly, check to see how well your windshield wipers work about every six months.

·         Coolant: About once a year - especially before winter - make sure you have enough fresh coolant, which will keep your engine from freezing.

·         Wheel alignment: Also, when you're about to perform your monthly tire inspection, be sure to inspect the alignment about once a year.

If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance, or if you would like to make an appointment at our service center, feel free to call us or stop by any time here at DeVoe Subaru of Naples.

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