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You know that you need to get an oil change every few thousand miles and that the air pressure in your tires should be checked on a regular basis. But what if we told you there's another critical item you may have overlooked?

Read on to learn more about all the different filters in your vehicle and why it's important to keep them clean & maintained. Of course, you can always trust the professional services at DeVoe Subaru of Naples to do most of this work for you.

Cabin Filter

You can thank this filter for cleaning the air that enters the interior of your vehicle through the air conditioning and heating system. A clean cabin filter will help maximize your airflow as well as lengthen the life of your overall ventilation system. After catching things like dust, pollen, and odors, your cabin filter should be changed regularly to preserve the air quality and maintain an ideal environment for you and your passengers.

Air Filter

Just as you require clean oxygen to breath comfortably, your vehicle's engine needs it to complete the combustion process. A clean air filter will decrease fuel consumption, as well as support vehicle power and performance, by ensuring proper airflow. Air filters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it's best to rely on us to make sure the right one is used in a replacement.

Oil Filter

This filter works hard to stop impurities from passing through to your oil, which can cause engine wear and sluggish performance. Replacing this filter on a regular basis will improve your vehicle's efficiency and help you avoid unnecessary damage to its engine.

When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up, you can rest assured your filters will be checked by our team. If you're not sure when your filters were last replaced, schedule a visit with the experts for a full-service assessment. We'd be happy to go more in-depth on what each of these filters do and why they're so important for a quality ride.

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