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Why Buy Used Cars from DeVoe Subaru?

As prices for new cars gradually grow with the constant additions of new standard technology, fuel efficiency, and performance, used cars continue to shine as practical options for drivers. Used vehicles normally come at a cheaper price and can be just as reliable, tech-heavy and powerful as a new car. "Used" does not necessarily mean "years old" either; used vehicles are simply those which are bought, leave the lot, and are then sold again. Read on for more details on used cars, then check out the wide selection of used cars,trucks and SUVs available at DeVoe Subaru in Naples, FL!

Better Bang for Your Buck

First and foremost, a used vehicle will often come at a cheaper price than a newer version of the same model. Vehicle technologies and designs usually carry over from year to year, with only a few changes made here and there for each new model year. As a result, buying a used car from the last few years can allow you to opt for what is practically the same car as a brand new model, or even one with better technologies or a higher trim level, for less money.

More Options

Choice also comes in to play with used cars. When searching new vehicles, the selection of vehicle types changes from year to year. Used vehicles have a virtually unlimited amount of choices. A certain model was discontinued last year and is no longer available new? Used it is!


Depreciation-the decline of a car's worth as it ages-drops heavily as soon as a new vehicle leaves the dealership lot and officially transitions from "new" to "used." Used vehicles don't have this problem as they have already depreciated for the first owner. If you're planning to sell your car after a few years of use, you could re-sell your car for a better margin than a new car would allow.

Additional Costs

Purchasing used can also mean lower additional costs to drivers. Insurance costs are typically cheaper on used, older vehicles, depending on the brand. If you decide to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, you could also have an OEM warranty that will cover any major service costs.

To decide whether a new or used vehicle is best for you, do your research, contact the sales staff at DeVoe Subaru! Our team will help you find the right used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle to suit your needs. You can also browse our pre-owned vehicle inventory for plenty of great used cars, trucks, SUVs and more!

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